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Email Coaching

You don’t need to take this fitness path alone

The Perfect Pairing to your Mindful Movement


I am here to help you, guide you, teach you and walk alongside you (in your pocket on your phone or at home on your smart device!)
Let me start off by sharing with you how this whole email coaching service works.

Expert Guidance At Your Fingertips!

As I mentioned earlier, think of it as having your own personal coach in your pocket. You can communicate with me by email and I can help adjust or progress help your existing program design to accommodate your changing needs, lifestyle, and goals. I have a large stockpile of resources I would love to share with you including links to helpful articles, pdfs to provide visuals, worksheets, tips, advice and so much more available to offer you to ensure you have all the tools you need!

Personalized and Customized Coaching

Unlike some other email coaching services, I KNOW you, I have worked with you for several sessions. We have also completed an in-depth consultation discussing your goals, medical history, fitness history and so much more so I could know key aspects about you to design your unique program. We have built a relationship together, I have learned your likes and dislikes, your personality, and what motivates you! This is what makes my email coaching different. Our previous in-person communications have built such a strong foundation where we can make it stronger through this coaching. I can ensure you are challenged in all the right ways, the best ways to help you grow, and feel the way you have told me the way you want to!

Mindset Mapping

If you like you can share your hopes, dreams, fears, and biggest goals, and that helps us handcraft your program further to fit with your personality and lifestyle.
We all have pitfalls, triggers, and challenges that can knock us off our path. Together through online coaching, I can help you avoid those issues so you can continue to feel your best!

No Guesswork

Have a question? Ask me. Do you have an obstacle in your way to achieving a goal? Reach out to me, tell me about it and I will guide you through it. Need a boost to get moving and grooving? I would love to encourage you, cheer you on, and inspire you!

Have a plan for Every Situation

Whether you have a vacation coming up or a birthday party and you’re not sure how you should plan/prepare, we got you covered. I can help you work through situations that you’re struggling with and keep you on target! I am a whiz at turning obstacles into opportunities especially if an injury presents itself. Developing a plan B is also a strategy I help many clients with that has been proven very beneficial for when “life gets in the way”.

Communication with Heart

I know things can be tough, so there’s no guilt, no judgment or comparison – just honesty and empathy along with a discussion on how you can get back engaged. I know your life is busy, and that’s okay! I am a coach and also your teammate who just wants to help you reach your goals. I am here for you ready to say “Let’s Go! You got this. We got this!”


You can share your feedback on certain exercises that you do, share where you are progressing so we can celebrate your successes together. I also make adjustments where appropriate to ensure you are aligning with your goals and priorities. Goal-setting is part of email coaching too! We can develop new goals, review your current ones, and team up to keep your sights set on your priorities and the behaviors that lead you to your goals.

Feel your best inside out

Working with clients, many of them ultimately want to feel their best and be their best. After almost 20 years of working in this industry, it’s clear my methods work. I have helped hundreds of people get and stay active, improve their health and overall well-being and I want to do the same with you.

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Email Coaching-Let's Do this!

For all of these reasons above, I believe email coaching is the perfect service to take things to the next level!


Please reach out to me by email to arrange for email coaching . Click here to email me to arrange for email coaching.


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