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Lifestyle & Fitness Coaching

What is Fitness Coaching & How Can it Help Me Take my Fitness to the Next Level?

ACCOUNTABILITY: regularly scheduled private in-office 1-on-1 meetings, prompt follow up notes & impromptu reach outs, tasks provided to complete for the following session to keep you on track & focused.

SUPPORT: encouragement, active listening, advice, wisdom, field questions.

MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION: determine the why behind the goal(s), discover strengths, develop strategies to stay motivated, internal and external drivers, commitment levels defined.

GOAL SETTING: short and long term, SMART goal technique, goal defining, recognize barriers, strategies to overcome barriers/obstacles, evaluation and review of goals, joint decision making

TRACKING AND REVIEW OF PROGRESS: ongoing evaluation of successes and challenges.

NUTRITION GUIDANCE: recipe ideas, meal preparation tips, hydration information and resources based on the Canada Food Guide.

EXERCISE PROGRAMMING AND IMPLEMENTATION: design a comprehensive, customized and progressive exercise program tailored to your goals/needs/wants and lifestyle, consistent review and modifications to accommodate changes in needs and goals

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: discover new trends and strategies, stay up to date in industry, continuing education, and seek out additional information on selected topics.

LIFESTYLE COACHING: stress management strategies, priority setting, work/life balance, readiness, embracing change, making time for fitness, overcoming obstacles to change, mindfulness

Fitness & Lifestyle 

Coaching Fees

$60 inc. tax per session

Team up with Doris for your coaching sessions!

Email for details: contact@dorisward.ca

*all sessions are 60 minutes in length
*prices subject to change

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