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Group and Private Pilates

What to expect over the 8 classes:

Gentle mat work, bodyweight only, & no impact. Learn a new way to exercise that strengthens your core, increases your mind-body connection, and allows for modifications.

What will you learn?:

What is Pilates, how to strengthen your core, how to breathe Pilates style, 10 warm-up exercises, 12 essential Pilates exercises, and 2 stretches?

Benefits of Pilates

core strength, stability, enhanced posture, balance, body awareness, mind-body connection, breath awareness, back strength, injury prevention, self-confidence, muscular endurance, mobility for joints, stress reduction, and overall fitness/well-being.

Private Pilates Sessions

One-on-one sessions with tailored programming towards your specific goals. $60 a session tax included.

Email me for details: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

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