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Stress Resilience   

Stress Resiliency Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and like life is moving a bit too fast? Need support and guidance to help slow things down to a pace that feels manageable and tools for long-term stress management?

I have the coaching sessions for you!

Specialized private 1:1 coaching sessions to guide you to build your stress resilience using mindfulness techniques and meditation.

Components May Include

A guided open discussion to check in with stress levels, mindset, and challenges.

Journal activities & self-reflection exercises.

Mindfulness practices as practical strategies for stress resiliency.

Guided meditation specific to stress & anxiety management.

Stress Resilience Course


8-week Stress Resilience Builder e-course

Build your Stress Resilience through the Mindfulness & Meditation e-course

Stay tuned for the waitlist for this e-course!


Our lives are full, we're busy, stressed, and overwhelmed. I've designed an 8-week e-course to help!

We've experienced changes faster and more constant than ever and our stress levels are acting like roller coasters.
BUT, we have the opportunity to build and then flex our stress resiliency muscle! YES! we can build stress resilience to adapt to these changes and stressors that we continue to face.

I can help.

I have developed a NEW e-course to assist in helping YOU build your very own stress resiliency muscle! Friends, clients, and class participants have shared with me that they are feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed MORE than ever.  We need healthy coping mechanisms, tools, and resources to guide us through this time, and as we move forward into our future.

My  8-week Stress Resilience BOSS Method e-course is designed to help you learn mindfulness techniques and tools that guide you into the present moment to ease anxiety and introduce meditation to regulate stress levels.

During the 8 weeks of modules you will learn about: stress and the impacts of stress on the physical body, mind-body connection and why it’s important to your stress response, acceptance and the role of self-talk on your well-being, gratitude, and new ways to practice this important tool, how to apply mindfulness into your daily life as a healthy coping mechanism for stressful situations and so much more!

You will experience:

Self-reflection opportunities to help you widen your awareness
Journal exercises and activities, and opportunities to expand our knowledge about the impact of stress on the mind and body

Each module has a specific theme paired with an aligned meditation and final journal prompts for self-reflection for optional homework.

After completing this e-course you'll be able to use breathing techniques, mind-body connection, and journal prompts to help invite calm and ease into both your mental space and body to help you navigate these stressful times now and into the future. 

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